Chimney Fire

Chimney fires occur when deposits of carbon and dust accumulate in a chimney and are set alight by sparks or flames from an open fire.

Most solid fuels create some type of soot or tarry deposits when burnt. Chimney fires are particularly dangerous in that they can structurally weaken the flue liner and chimney block causing cracks to form, into which sparks may enter and so cause fires elsewhere in the house. Burning soot may also fall on floor covering and set them alight.

A damaged chimney is extremely dangerous. Fumes and gases escaping from your chimney is hazardous for the home occupier.

CCTV Chimney Inspection

When you notice problems existing with your chimney, the first thing you need to do is have a Chimney Camera Inspection carried out.

This makes it possible to view the entire length of the chimney lining, as it is virtually impossible to ascertain where the problem lies from looking up or down the chimney.

This is something we provide, so contact us for a CCTV Chimney Inspection Service.

Chimney Repair Insurance

We liaise with a team of independent Insurance Assessors to make your Insurance Claim as stress free as possible.

When works are ready to commence, our team are available to re-line/re-build the chimney. Any waste products are removed off site and disposed of in compliance with current regulations. We also arrange to have re-decorating carried out to the effected rooms once the build is complete.